Women of God Network

Spotlighting 2020 Scholarship Recipients

These are our amazing Women of God Network Scholarship winners for 2020.  Please join me in praying for them and their continued success.  May they be a light, inspiration, and mentor to other young women.

Charity Lyons

 January 2020

Jalisa Nurse

January 2020

I am beyond grateful for the scholarship that was awarded to me. Prior to receiving the award, I planned to put the money towards my student fees to ensure that I was able to register for classes. However, after I received the award, I was reduced to tears, when I saw that the award amount was doubled! Not only was I able to pay my student fees, but I was able to put gas in my tank to get to school and buy groceries to last my family for a few months.

Since the pandemic began, I was without income and unable to work in the laboratory. The financial burden this caused was heavy, however, I still had to push through in-person turned online classes, all while being a Covid lock-down stay at home mom. Therefore, the scholarship secured my classes for the fall semester and gave me a peace of mind. I am forever grateful for everything you all do. I have personally benefited from the prayer calls that Women of God Network hosts and I also gain strength from the many resilient women that come together to uplift each other.

I sincerely hope to become a part of your network post-graduating, so that I too may help someone come closer to God and or, receive financial help when needed. I believe that God placed your network in my life to remind me why it is important not to quit. I also believe that God makes a way out of no way and He used you all to do so in my life. Thank you for taking the time to view my application, thank you for considering me and thank you for the hard work that you all put into your platform.

-Jalisa Nurse

Kapri Piner

January 2020

I just want to start by thanking the Women Of God Network for the opportunity to receive such a prestige scholarship. This scholarship allowed me the opportunity to complete my undergraduate program debt free. I am currently a graduating senior looking to finish my course load this coming May, with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital Media. With the help of the Women Of God Network, I was able to focus solely on my studies and not on the financial burdens most universities place upon undergraduate and even graduate students. As I am coming up on the end of my tenure at Lincoln University of PA. I am excited to continue my education and career building journey within a graduate level program studying, Public Relations, Public Policy, or even Human Resources. I am still trying to find my true love,

however I am confident within myself and my skill. As I know that which ever field God picks for me, will indefinitely align with my mind, body, spirit and soul, in order to make the best success story I know how. I again want to thank the Women Of God Network for the extra push I needed, towards the first milestone of my future. I will forever be thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to giving back to my community and this scholarship fund within the near future.

-Kapri Piner